Past Exhibitions and Events

L’ascolto, una mostra immaginaria

a project by Giulio Lacchini
November 2016


a project by Matteo Lanfranchi and Marco Palmieri
May 2016


a project by Richard Gorman
April-May 2016

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Very flat constructions

April-May 2016

Luca Quartana


curated by Giorgio Zanchetti and Eugenio Alberti Schatz
February-March 2016

Flavio de Marco

Avvistamento isola #2

March 2016
Piano Alto, Berlin

Richard Gorman


November-December 2015

Silvia Del Grosso

In case of loss

curated by Stefania Nano and Alessandra Piolotto
November 2015

I costruttori del vetro #2

a project by Daniele Maffeis
curated by Kunstverein (Milan) and Alessandra Pioselli
October-November 2015


April-June 2015

Pino Guidolotti

Pino is back! Foto e disegni 1970-2015

May-June 2015

Mnemo lab

a project by Effetto Larsen
May 2015