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20 years of activity, hundreds of exhibitions, thousands of visitors, but we can do more.

ASSAB ONE is an ongoing project, open to the involvement of anyone who believes in the power of art and of culture. A unique and independent space in which to meet, exhibit, see and talk about art.
Our heritage lies in our passion, in the trust of artists and curators who appreciate our way of working. In the rare availability of a space that welcomes and dialogues with them as protagonists. In the community of friends, collectors and visitors who, for over fifteen years, have come to our exhibitions and followed our events and initiatives.

Your active participation and your every contribution are vital for our continuation, our growth and our inalienable freedom.

With the support of

Comune di Milano, Provincia di Milano, Regione Lombardia, Creative Industries Fund NL, Flemish Department for Culture, Youth and Media, Fondazione Cariplo, Ministero della Cultura, Direzione Generale Educazione, ricerca e istituti culturali, ProHelvetia


€10 / year
Free access to exhibitions on PV days and across the whole year; you have discounts for information material at the front desk; you can use our free bike sharing.

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€200 / year
You get a membership card for yourself and one guest with all related benefits; you take part to exhibitions’ previews, you get all exhibitions brochures for free and much more..

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€2000 / year
You have all Friends’ benefits and also: every year you receive a limited edition artwork; you can rent our spaces for a private event with a 10% discount; you take part to the annual dinner for supporters & partners; your name is mentioned in Assab One’s website and in our space.

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€5000 / year
In addition to everything you read, you can take part to the realization of a project; organise a private event in our spaces for free; your name / logo will be on catalogues, communication materials, web and social media; you have 10% discount art our bookshop.

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If you have free time and are looking for an educational experience. If you are interested in seeing how an exhibition or a work of art is created, you can be a valuable help to us.