Alessandro Mencarelli


curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi with Samuel Fuyumi Namioka

April 2008

Wolfgang Weileder

Projects 2002-2008

October-December 2008

Eléna Nemkova

Particelle alimentari

October-December 2008

Fabiana de Barros and Michel Favre

Ultra non stop – nessun luogo è vuoto

October-December 2008

Federico Pietrella

Thirty-one days painting in black

curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

September-October 2008

A day with Yamamoto Masao

curated by Rossella Menegazzo
in collaboration with The International Hokusai Research Centre

September 2008


curated by Alessandro Castiglioni

June 2008

Marcello Maloberti

Via padova 138

Triennale di Milano

May 2008


a project by Studio Liquido

April 2008

Exister 08 danzare nel silenzio

a project by Annamaria Onetti and Mario Nuzzo
in collaboration with Schuko

November-December 2008