“Pleasure Rocks” – Exhibition opening and book presentation

9 October 2019

A production by Alessia Bernardini & Pornopoetica. Wednesday 9 October, at 7 pm / Leporello, Roma

Pleasure Rocks, (a) talk about pleasure

In a society devoted to edonistic and consumistic pleasure, what does it mean to take pleasure back, its essence and its transformational power?
The project’s authors will talk about it with Ilenia Caleo – performer, activist and indipendent reseracher – on the occasion of the exhibition opening.

Pleasure Rocks is a research on the borderline between eros and pornography, looking for new images and unconventional pleasures. The title hints at the project’s meaning: Pleasure Rocks talks at the same time about the pleasure itself and of the infinite possibility of pleasure, here related to rocks.
Pleasure Rocks no distinction no categorize pleasure and the relationship between human and nature.

Pleasure Rocks
is a publication, an installation, a performance, a workshop and a photographic exhibition.

The project is a collaboration between the visual artist Alessia Bernardini e Pornopoetica – Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli.

Info and booking: info@pornopoetica.org