Colour Constructs

curated by Saturated Spaces

Colour Constructs

curated by Saturated Spaces

Adam Nathaniel Furman, Johanna Grawunder, Antoni Malinowski

On the occasion of the Milano Arch Week ASSAB ONE dedicates a day to the exploration of colour: its language, its grammar, its interactions. Curated by Saturated Space. Saturated Space, a forum about colour and architecture founded in 2012 at AA School of Architecture by Antoni Malinowski and Adam Nathaniel Furman arrives for the first time at Milano.

Press release

Within the ambit of the 1+1+1 Bijoy Jain + George Sowden + Chung Eun Mo exhibition, ASSAB ONE presents Colour Constructs, a day dedicated to the exploration of colour: its language, grammar and interactions.

This project is being held in collaboration with Saturated Space, a workshop on colour and architecture established in 2012 at the AA School of Architecture by Antoni Malinowski and Adam Nathaniel Furman and being held for the first time in Milan.
Antoni Malinowski, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Johanna Grawunder, George Sowden and Chung Eun Mo will talk about the use of colour in each of their very different disciplines.

A debut in Milan of Antoni Malinowski and Adam Nathaniel Furman’s workshop on the interaction of colour with shape. The workshop is aimed at stylists, architects, artists and all those who wish to expand on their own use of colour.

Foundamentals of Colour – pigments and colour/space interaction – Antoni Malinowski
Pretty Pigments – Adam Nathaniel Furman
Light and colour, an Uncanny Valley – Johanna Grawunder


Antoni Malinowski is an artist. He works with pigment, light, movement and time, investigating the dynamic relationship that exists between pictorial and architectural spaces. Malinowski focuses on the perceptual, emotive, and physical properties of colour. Ever since his acclaimed Camden Arts Centre exhibition in 1997 he has collaborated with several eminent architects (Bolles+Wilson, Haworth Tompkins, Eric Parry) on permanent projects in architecture. They range from engineering colour for facades (collaboration with Arup Associates) to complex wall paintings. Since 2001Antoni has taught at the AA, and in 2002 he established “the Materiality of Colour” as a course which offers a unique way of learning about colour in space, through focusing on the interaction of light and the micro structures of pigments.

Adam Nathaniel Furman was trained in architecture, but his practice has branched out to include a broad range of scales and media. He writes, makes films, designs products, furniture, architecture and interiors, as well as constantly pursuing research through his teaching role at Central St Martins, and the Research Group ‘Saturated Space’ which he runs at the Architectural Association, exploring colour in Architecture and Urbanism through events, lectures and publications. In all his work Adam explores the relationship between memory, imagination, history and communication at multiple scales, always with a critical eye towards the way in which sensual architectural form, in a dialogue with the past and the future, can communicate complex issues through eloquent and expressive shapes and environments.

Johanna Grawunder is a designer and architect based in Milan, Italy and San Francisco.
She began her work with Sottsass Associati where together with Ettore Sottsass she co-designed many of the firm’s most prestigious projects. In 2001 she opened her own studio in San Francisco. Johanna has created work across the spectrum of design, from complete interiors, site-specific commissions, and large-scale public projects, to limited-edition and mass-produced furniture. Her speciality, however, is light – glowing, sculptural installations and objects that enhance the architecture of their environments. Her work has been shown and is included in many museum permanent collections, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CNAP, San Francisco MOMA, Art Institute Chicago and High Museum Atlanta.