Pino Guidolotti

Collector’s edition


Pino Guidolotti

Collector’s edition





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Pino Guidolotti, Allahabad, 2012
Pino Guidolotti, Allahabad, 2012

Portfolio of 5 black and white photographs. Silver salt prints with selenium preservation treatment on Ilford Warmtone paper.
Lined, hardboard box

Collection of 5 prints and two artist’s proofs

Printed by: Laboratorio Parolini, Milan
Size: 500×400 mm


Created on the occasion of the exhibition PINO IS BACK! Pino Guidolotti, photos and drawings 1970-2015 held at Assab One (13th May – 24th June, 2015) this portfolio of work, in a hardback, fabric covered folder, contains 5 photographs printed in limited edition of 5 copies and two artist’s proofs. Each photo is signed, dated and embossed and marked with the serial number.

The collections comprises:
1. Vienna, 1998
2. Londra, 1999
3. La Habana, 1998
4. Allahabad, 2012
5. Cannes, 1980


Pino Guidolotti was born in Verona in 1947.  Following his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna he collaborated with the main Italian magazines and publishing companies with work that ranged from fashion, to portrait, to architecture. Loyal to his artistic training and also influenced by his friendship with Ernst H. Gombrich, he then dedicated his attention and talent to personal research, art and the reproduction of artistic heritage. His work features in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MuFoCo) at the Galleria Civica di Modena as well as in other important institutions.

R.Wittkower, Bernini. Lo scultore del Barocco Romano, Milan 1990, London 1997.
A.Rosenauer, Donatello. L’opera Completa, Milan 1993.
G. Beltramini. Andrea Palladio: Atlante delle Architetture, Venice 2000.
G.Beltramini e H.Burns. Le Ville Venete, Venice 2005.
M.A. Avagnina, Il Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, Venice 2005.
G. Beltramini, Volti di Architetti, Centro Palladio, Vicenza, 2006.
Progetto Viven, 200 Ville Venete
Davide Gasparotto, I cavalli di Francesco Mochi.
John Eskenazi, La scultura dell’India Classica.

Personal exhibitions:
2014  Inaugurazione di me stesso, Cinema del Reale, Specchia (LE)
2006  Volti di Architetti, Yellow Fish Gallery, Montreal.
2006  Volti di Architetti, Centro Palladio, Vicenza.
2005  Le Ville Venete, Centro Palladio, Vicenza.
2003  Carlo Scarpa. L’opera, Centro Palladio, Vicenza.
2001  Le ville del Palladio, Centro Palladio, Vicenza.
2001. Memorial E. H. Gombrich, Warburg Institute, London, U.K.
1990. Pino Guidolotti, Galleria Il Diaframma, Milan.
1984. Pino Guidolotti, Casa del Mantegna, Mantua.
1978. Pino Guidolotti, Photographer Gallery, London, U.K.
1975. Pino Guidolotti, Musèe Reattu, Arles, France.
1975. Photographie Italienne, Chalon sur Saone, France.
1975. Pino Guidolotti, Galleria Il Diaframma, Milan.
1974. Pino Guidolotti, Krakow, Poland.

  • Pino Guidolotti, La Habana, 1998
    Pino Guidolotti, La Habana, 1998
  • Pino Guidolotti, Londra, 1999
    Pino Guidolotti, Londra, 1999
  • Pino Guidolotti, Cannes, 1980
    Pino Guidolotti, Cannes, 1980