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Artist's book




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KINGS, Cofanetto, 2010

editor in chief

Federica Perazzoli Daniele Innamorato

Publication: annual

Pages: 168+Cover

Size: A4 (210×297 mm)

Print: Black and White with one Pantone Fluo 802 c

Binding: Paperback, hardcover

Language: English

Cover: “ Punching bag” by KINGS

Limited Edition 900 copies

all copies is different,


stickers, pins, postcards, survival kit, post-it notes, flyer

kings selecting works catalog;

kings original posterA2 reproduced N° 100 drawings/collage

KINGS presents KINGS ZINE # 1 LIFE, the first release of KINGS ‘new self-produced artist magazine. Each issue of KINGS zine, printed in black and white plus a fluo color, is conceived as an art multiple, printed in a limited edition, and with the addition of gadgets and hand-made drawings, each different from the others, to transform each copy in a single piece. The launch of the magazine was accompanied by a collective exhibition with works and contributions by the artists featured in the publication, an unprecedented series of works by KINGS and a live performance by the duo Blastula (Cristiano Calcagnile and Monica Demuru).

Photo-work of Kings, Kathy Grayson, Catherine Opie, Martino Gamper, Letizia Ragno, Isola art Center, Carola Merello, Daniele Innamorato, Francis Bacon King, Gossip, Pompei, Pancreatitis, Federica Perazzoli, Riccardo Bagnoli, Ivano Atzori, Silvia Hell, Anna Galtarossa & daniel Gonzales, Hundertwasser, Blastula, La dolce Vita Federico Fellini


Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato live and work in Milano.


Solo shows

2021 “DANCING 30”, Galleria Viasaterna, Milano

2018 “TRINACRIA” Curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi, Citta’ di Palermo, “MICRO” MO.CA. Centro per le Nuove Culture, Brescia

2017 “PARADISE”, Marselleria Milan

2016 “DETAILS” MUSEO CASA MOLLINO, KINGS Zine Special Edition, Marselleria, Milan

2015 “BABEL CIRCUS”, Joyce Palais Royale, Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris

2014 “KINGS cutting Marsèll”. Marselleria Milan, “NEW MUSEUM”, Gabbianacci, Fiesso D’Artico, VE

2013 “NOWHERE” Macao, Milan, “INSIDE CARLO MOLLINO”, Plastic Milan

2012 “NEW MUSEUM”, Macao, Milan

2011 “KINGS LOVE”, ZINE N° 2, Marsèlleria Milan, “B.Y.O.B.”, curated by G. Cortassa B. Meneghel, Milan, “ANIMAL SOUND”, Hotel Straf Milan, “ARTHOUSE”, Palazzina Orobia, Milan

2010 “KINGS LIFE”, ZINE N°1, Assab – One Milan, “NEW MUSEUM”, Museo Pecci Milan

2009 “ROCK’N’ROLL”, KINGS ZINE 0, Dimore Studio Milan

2006 “NEW MUSEUM”, Cutated by M. Scotini A. Poggianti, Isola Art Center Milan, “LAST PARTY”, Curated S. Pesce, Kunsthalle Locarno Switzerland

2005 “ROCK’N’ROLL”, Curated M. Scotini, Artra Gallery Milan, “FUCK RELIGION”, Artra Special Project Milan, “LOVE KILLER PLASTIC”, Plastic Milan I