Every partnership is evaluated and developed ad hoc, starting from the partner requirements, and is based on a minimum annual contribution of 5.000 euro. It can be hinged on a specific exhibition or on Assab One activities in general.


For evaluating and developing an ad hoc project:
orĀ 02 282 85 46.

Download a pdf brochure with details of the location

Do you run or have you set up a business? Can you influence the communication decisions of an organisation or brand? If so you could consider a partnership with Assab One.

Becoming an Assab One partner means associating a corporate image with an independent art centre that attracts international artists, and jointly create original projects and events. It means strengthening and consolidating a long-term presence in society. It means learning from artists, understanding the present and imagining the future. Lastly, it means taking the capacity for innovation from the creative world and contributing to it with incentives and invaluable food for thought.

Partner benefits include:

  • Inclusion of credits/logo on cataloguers, communication material, website and social media
  • Guided tours and visits for clients and collaborators
  • Possibility of organising corporate events on Assab One premises, free of charge or at favourable terms
  • Previews with clients and collaborators in the presence of the artists
  • Ad hoc projects