Past Exhibitions and Events


curated by James Putnam

Mrch-My 2010

Marta Dell'Angelo

Faccia a faccia

LAC Contemporary art, Milan

February 2010

La grande spolveratrice e altre storie

a project by Elena Quarestani

September-November 2009

Fabio Paleari

Lo que dura un sueño

October-November 2009

Peter Wüthrich

Los angeles de Madrid

Cuesta de Moyano, Madrid

April 2008

Tille Bortolotti

Memory dispenser

November 2009

Omaggio a Kurt Schwitters

with Carlo Boccadoro

October 2009

Autumn Cleaning – Garage sale

project curated buy ASSAB ONE
in collaboration with Arianna Vairo, Martina Merlini and Bettina Pontiggia

October 2009

Stefano Lupatini

I was a football player

curated by Francesca Pasini
in collaboration with Ambrosia and Nowhere Gallery

June-July 2009


curated by Arianna Vairo and Martina Merlini

May 2009

Marissa Morelli and Max Rommel

Case di cartone

April-May 2009