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un progetto di Giulio Lacchini

11th to 25th november 2016
con contributi di: Stefano Arienti, Susanna Baumgartner, Vincenzo Cabiati, Gianluca Codeghini, Marta Dell'Angelo, Diana Dorizzi, Michela Formenti, Stefano Graziani, Michele Lombardelli, Amedeo Martegani, Giancarlo Norese, Luca Pancrazzi, Mario Piazza, Luca Pucci, Susanna Ravelli, Remo Salvadori, Andrea Salvino »»
Vincenzo Cabiati
RICH BITCH - tutto è relativo...

october 25 - november 25, 2016
curated by Michela Eremita
Canvases, watercolours, photographs and sculptures of various sizes and in different materials are testimonies of work produced by the artist in different periods.
The art pieces, which appear to have positioned themselves within the space in an autonomous way, reveal a shared trait: a common thread that connects allusions and visual references to other artists and which Vincenzo Cabiati interacts with in a game that conceals and reveals, often drawing on the seduction so familiar in the film world. »»
May 11th, 2016 from 7 to 10 p.m.
ASSAB ONE ospita Coordinate, un progetto di Matteo Lanfranchi e Marco Palmieri, una riflessione sulle relazioni interpersonali a partire dalla posizione degli individui nello spazio. Si tratta di un evento partecipativo: il pubblico prende parte all’azione e sperimenta in prima persona le emozioni messe in moto da sottili dinamiche spaziali, che mettono in luce complesse dinamiche relazionali. »»
A project by Richard Gorman

April 5th - May 6th, 2016
Invited artists: Alessia Bernardini, Dafne Boggeri, Vincenzo Cabiati, PierLuigi Calignano, Chiara Camoni, Roberto Caracciolo, Claire Carpenter, Eun Mo Chung, David Crone, Flavio de Marco, Blaise Drummond, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Simonetta Ferrante, Martin Gale, Nuala Goodman, Paul Goodwin, Pamela Gorman, Richard Gorman, Sheila Gorman, Pino Guidolotti, Giovanni Hänninen, Jin Hirosawa, Ronnie Hughes, Felix Humm, Eithne Jordan, Mayumi Kimura, Roisin Lewis, Salvatore Licitra, Claudia Losi, Anthony Lyttle, Antoni Malinowski, Amedeo Martegani, Andrea Mastrovito, Ed Miliano, Yuuka Miyajima, Jyunko Ogawa, Luca Pancrazzi, Steve Piccolo, Federico Pietrella, Andrea Pitzalis, Roberto Rizzo, Francesco Simeti, George Sowden, Alessandra Spranzi, Masaki Tanabe, Charles Tyrrell, Luca Vitone. »»
Nathalie Du Pasquier

April 5th - May 6th, 2016
Very Flat Constructions is a series of new works by Nathalie Du Pasquier, big oils on canvas made in 2015 and 2016. »»
Luca Quartana

Addio è lasciar andare.
Addio è lasciarsi andare.
Addio è una scia che svanendo svela.
Richard Gorman

November 28 - December 18, 2015
KAN (japanese)
The character 間 is an essential one in everyday Japanese and with a wide variety of meanings. Its Chinese-style reading (onyomi) "kan" (but can, for certain meanings, be pronounced "ken"), and its Japanese-style reading (kunyomi) is "aida" or "ma".
The fundamental meaning of 間 is “space between,” “gap,” “interval,” “distance.” However, it refers not only to space, but to time as well, meaning, also, "time between," "pause," "break”. »»
In case of loss
November 10-28, 2015
"In case of loss" are the four words printed on the front page of each Moleskine. They refer to the possibility of losing something and of finding it again.
The installation consists of 365 Moleskines grafted with the seeds of the juicy pomegranates grown in the private garden of the artist Silvia Del Grosso. She has patiently entered the seeds through the pages of the agendas, one seed for each day of the year. »»
The Glass Builders #2. Sparkling like pyramids
October 8 - November 10, 2015
* On todays glass architecture as seen through a retrograde lens.
* On the early 19th century crystal-glass utopia or rather German architectural expressionism and it's current revival.
* On Milan trying to catch up and keep up the pace, but Milan isn't Taiwan, Taiwan isn't Dubai.
* On the sex appeal of architectural renderings, failing building contractors, architectures sparkling like pyramids, surrogates of virility and symbols of power.
* On shattered glass and nefarious hands.
* On fiction, simulations and falsification (as long as the scrupulosity is that of the forger). »»
Pino Guidolotti, photos and drawings 1970-2015

14th May - 24th June
opening 13th May at 7,30 p.m.
Pino Guidolotti, a versatile and unconventional artist who has captured an entire generation through his eyes of a protagonist, is back with recent and previously unexhibited work. »»
April 22nd - June 24th
Trecepeste (passare oltre, valicare, superare in lingua rumena) é un formato espositivo ideato da sei artisti. E’ un dispositivo  che innesca e rivela i processi di produzione e permette di osservare, misurare, attivare cambi di stato, di forma, di condizione, di dimensione, di prospettiva. Registra i tentativi e gli obblighi di ridefinizione di posizione, di metodo, di linguaggio; verifica abbandoni, perdite accidentali, resistenze ad oltranza, avanzamenti; è allo stesso tempo attore e testimone, fatto di cronaca e documento. »»
The Wall (archives)#10
April 14th- 24th
opening April 11th 12,30 - 5.00 p.m.
ASSAB ONE presenta la decima edizione di The Wall (archives), archivio mobile e in progress che giunge a Milano con oltre duecento contributi di artisti, studiosi, curatori. The Wall verifica ancora una volta la propria facoltà generativa e mette in libera consultazione tutti i contenuti per produrre nuovi significati e possibili letture. »»
Premio Celeste and Celeste Prize
15-23 November 2014
prizegiving saturday 15th November
ASSAB ONE hosts the unique double final of Premio Celeste 2014 and Celeste Prize 2014, with 86 works and projects, in an evening of performances and public discussion with the curators on the outlook for emerging artists today. »»
A White Noise.
Frequencies and Visions from the Peninsula

October 2 – 29, 2014
curated by Andrea Bruciati
A white noise is a particular type of sound characterised by an absence of periodicity in time and amplitude constant over the entire frequency spectrum. It is called white by analogy with the fact that a similar spectrum of electromagnetic radiation within the band of visible light would appear to the human eye as white light.”  »»
Nathalie Du Pasquier

from 23rd May to 20th June
Nathalie Du Pasquier explores the world of numbers, stepping into it with her usual lightness, optimism and curiosity. Like a juggler, Nathalie uses hands, fingers and the most common objects to count; as well as her unique stroke and unmistakable colors to represent them.
On show at ASSAB ONE one artist’s book and 27 inkjet prints on cotton paper, in limited edition, created from the same number of collages, now destroyed. »»
La tavola delle meraviglie
17th and 18th May 2014
curated by Mavi Ferrando
Come di consueto ASSAB ONE partecipa alla manifestazione via Padova è meglio di Milano, quest'anno ospitando Quintocortile con La tavola delle meraviglie, installazione di Mavi Ferrando con le opere di 45 artisti, nell'ambito del progetto Il Cibo non Mente, a cura di Margherita Cavallo. »»
Luca Pancrazzi
Mi disperdo e proseguo lasciandomi indietro un passo dopo l'altro

from 9th May to 20th June 2014
curated by Pietro Gaglianò
Drawings, recovered objects, sculptures, photos, slides, cut-outs, forgotten and re-emerged preparatory studies, as well as new works, a movie and a long wall drawing. The vision of the artist on time and landscape unfolds in the vast spaces of Assab One. The imaginary atlas of Luca Pancrazzi is on display for the first time with new artworks and site specific works. »»
Roland Ultra's Journey

sunday 27th october 2013
Roland Stormo, a silent handmade printing performance  by Claude Marzotto and Maia Sambonet. »»
Roland Macchine e Animali #3
27th, 28th and 29th September 2013
Meetings, lectures, conversations, debates, workshops and performances  questioning contemporary cultural practices. »»
+ India - Cliché
19 giugno 2013
What has changed on the subcontinent in the past 5 years. Gioia Guerzoni and Leonardo Merlini will talk about this and more at ASSAB ONE to mark the publication of INDIA in the I Vinili collection - ISBN Edizioni. »»
Border Crossing Seminar
13th june 2013
Summer School organized by the Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Milano-Bicocca, in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame (USA) and sponsored by the U.S. - Italy Fulbright Commission. »»
Roland Ultra's Journey - The Exhibition
from 17th May to 19th July and from 27th September to 31st October 2013
curated by Elena Quarestani
On the 2nd of February 2012 Roland Ultra, the massive printing press that for 10 years had been the centre of Assab One’s activities, left Milan to embark on a journey to India and the promise of a new life. After 30 years of faithful service in the world of books, followed by a decade of stillness as a sort of monument, Roland Ultra began its odyssey towards the unexpected opportunity of resuming the work for which it was built. »»
MAC - Milano Art Center: Spaces for Contemporary Art
from 14th to 27th November 2012
The exhibition presents a selection of proposals for the reconversion of the industrial complex that was previously a printing plant, and current is the headquarters of the association, into an “Art Center” for the city of Milan, dedicated to the creative activity of artists and performers. The projects include the construction of studios and workshops, guesthouses, exhibition spaces, cafes, bookshops, reiterating the call for experimentation and diffusion of art of this extraordinary place through its architectural upgrading, the organization of interiors, the connections and the opening to neighborhood. »»
Nicola Troilo
Au Rendez-vous des Amis

from 26th October to 27th November 2012
Nicola Troilo presents his most recents work in Assab One. Large canvases, made with the technique of frottage on the empty space left by the printing machine Roland Ultra which is now in India. During the whole summer, the artist has worked almost hypnotic using as a basis the rough surface of the concrete floor marked by time, rediscovering a process utilized by Max Ernst and the Surrealists. The title chosen for the exhibition deals with the place and with all those who follow the event with their presence and their participation. »»
Roland. Macchine e Animali #2
28th, 29th and 30th September 2012
Meetings, lectures, conversations, debates, workshops and performances  questioning contemporary cultural practices. »»
Techno Portraits #3
13th July 2012
Techno Portraits is an original way to explore the limits and the perceptions of electronic music, intending to give a face to the Artists of this genre through lectures, live sets and djset. As Music on the whole, Electronic has several schools of thought and a wide range of creative projects. Provisionally saving it from the 'dance' side and drawing it out of the classical club context modifies the approach and the usual point of view, guiding the audience through a different comprehension and to a more conscious listening. »»
Ignazio Mortellaro
Terrae Motus

19th May 2012
Assab One hosts "Terrae Motus", an installation project by Ignazio Mortellaro in the industrial complex that was previously the headquarters of the printing plant GEA.
The Author continues his research, started with “Lightning”, an installation in the medieval village of Marantola, on the actions that Nature wields on Humans.
A drawing made of transparent threads of silver and gold traces out a golden triangle, built on the sizes of the printing machine Roland Ultra and lit up by neon. On the inside a progression of golden triangles draws a Fibonacci spiral. On the asymptotic point two contact microphones record into two different channels black ink drops falling from the ceiling. Military recordings of submarine earthquakes periodically drown on the drops. Three big marine charts painted black complete the installation. »»
Assab One for Via Padova is better than Milan 2012
till 31st May 2012
As usual Assab One joins the event via Padova is better than Milan. This year with three exhibitions, the result of different creative pathways sharing a thread: the participation of several citizens working, living and passing through via Padova and surroundings. Besides, videos and works on the quarter that Assab One produced during past events. »»
Techno Portraits #2
19th May 2012
Techno Portraits is an original way to explore the limits and the perceptions of electronic music, intending to give a face to the Artists of this genre through lectures, live sets and djset. As Music on the whole, Electronic has several schools of thought and a wide range of creative projects. Provisionally saving it from the 'dance' side and drawing it out of the classical club context modifies the approach and the usual point of view, guiding the audience through a different comprehension and to a more conscious listening. »»
Così fan Tutte, ossia la Scuola degli Amanti
16th and 17th May 2012
Bringing Opera outside theaters, in places open to creativity, return to Milan the chance to enjoy a theatrical genre not ever so easy, but that made us famous all-over-the world. This is the ambitious goal of a young collective, music enthusiasts led by the association Threes: 16th and 17th May they prepared the mise-en-scène of Così fan Tutte, ossia la Scuola degli Amanti, the Mozart's masterpiece, in a quartet reduction for the suggestive spaces of Assab One.  »»
Techno Portraits #1
31st March 2012
Techno Portraits is an original way to explore the limits and the perceptions of electronic music, intending to give a face to the Artists of this genre through lectures, live sets and djset. As Music on the whole, Electronic has several schools of thought and a wide range of creative projects. Provisionally saving it from the 'dance' side and drawing it out of the classical club context modifies the approach and the usual point of view, guiding the audience through a different comprehension and to a more conscious listening. »»
Roland Ultra's Backstage
from January 2012 to January 2013
Roland Ultra, the imposing printing machine - an important presence in all Assab One events and exhibitions since the beginning - was disassembled and shipped to India where it was reassembled and once again put into function. »»
Giovanni Hänninen
Rendering the City

from the 28th of October to the 2nd of December 2011
Rendering the City rebuilds the idea of a city through photographs by Giovanni Hänninen. Subjects of these images are both new spaces and their inhabitants, remodelled into distant realities which nonetheless remain in some way very faithful to the original projects. A relationship emerges between things architectural and human, created by amazement, silence and unfilled voids. »»
Eithne Jordan
Street Stills

from the 28th of October to the 2nd of December 2011
Bare of people, and eschewing the well known tours of architectural highlights, Eithne Jordan’s paintings focus on the contemporary urban enviromnent -  factory roofs, subway tunnels, underpasses, apartment blocks, car parks and  housing estates –   the familiar yet often forgotten sites in cities such as Paris, Rotterdam, Berlin, Vienna, and most recently Dublin. »»
Loredana Longo
DEMOLITION#1 squatter

from the 28th of October to the 2nd of December 2011
Since years Loredana Longo deals with the issue by herself defined "aesthetics of destruction". In the video DEMOLITION#1 squatter the artist intervenes inside one of the three buildings constructed in the '70s in Modica, eco-monters built by IACP without passing the safety and stability tests. Some days before the demolition, the artist manages to get the permission to build an installation, similar to a squatter intervention, then she films the demolition. »»
Fausta Squatriti
Listen to Your Heart, Town

from 28th October to 2nd December 2011
Each series of works by Fausta Squatriti is a Requiem, this one too.
There is no place for hope, for long, maybe since always, everything is calcined and destined to disappearance. Grey. Burnt. Ashen. And the effect seems to be reinforced since Squatriti turned her apocalyptic Medusa's gaze to the city, the place of pulsing life, over the progressive and futurist myth. »»
Roland. Macchine e animali #1
1st of October 2011
Roland è una manifestazione che intende innescare una riflessione condivisa su scrittura, editoria e pubblico. Una serie di incontri (lezioni, conversazioni, dispute, laboratori, spettacoli) che abbiano come denominatore comune la messa in discussione fertile delle nostre pratiche culturali. E quindi della nostra idea di società e di mondo. L’obiettivo di Roland è dunque quello di provare a dotarsi di ulteriori diottrie per comprendere sempre più in profondità (e responsabilmente) i meccanismi che determinano l’esistenza di un libro e la sua percezione nel campo letterario. Un “numero zero”, una sorta di iniziale collaudo in vista di una prima edizione prevista per giugno 2012. »»
Assab One Cantiere: all'inizio non era un'isola
from 22nd to 24th of June 2011
Assab One On the Go: In the Beginning It Was Not An Island
64 Visual Art Students And Not Only – And A Book – In An Unprotected Space. »»
Assab One per 'Via Padova è meglio di Milano 2011'
21st and 22nd of May 2011
Assab One partecipa alla seconda edizione di Via Padova è meglio di Milano, iniziativa promossa dal Comitato Vivere in Zona 2, che, nei giorni di sabato 21 e domenica 22 maggio 2011, vede coinvolte 50 associazioni di quartiere in un week end di eventi aperti alla città, un momento per conoscere le risorse umane, culturali e ambientali che fanno di via Padova la via più internazionale di Milano. Assab One propone nei giorni della festa due eventi in sede e uno presso la Biblioteca Crescenzago. »»
from the 21st to the 27th of May 2011
Assab One hosts DIALOGOS, a research born without a specific project and an orthodox curatorial scheme, focused on the possibility to develop an artistic practice on ideas that continuously negotiate knowledge, choices and sensitivity. An experience grown among artists who have chosen themselves for coincidence, elective affinities, or trajectories that have crossed their way of doing. For the occasion a numbered edition will be realised and it will contain all material through which the project has been developed during in the course of time. »»
ULYSSES. 12 ritratti migranti per Biblioteca Vivente
from the 15th February to the 31st August 2011
Presso la Biblioteca Crescenzago Assab One presenta Ulysses. 12 ritratti migranti per Biblioteca Vivente, un progetto di tutamondo: a partire da febbbraio 2011, negozi, locali, bar e ristoranti di via Padova e dintorni hanno ospitato ogni settimana uno dei video Ulysses, in cui donne e uomini di diverse nazionalità leggono versi tratti dal quinto libro dell’Odissea nella loro lingua madre. »»
Nathalie Du Pasquier

from 11th of november to 3rd of december 2010
Drawings on paper, paintings of varying dimensions, light wooden structures more akin to three-dimensional drawings than sculptures, and a large white installation: groups of work are displayed on the walls of ASSAB ONE like constellations engaged in dialogue; linked by that distinctive way of representing objects which is characteristic of the work of Nathalie Du Pasquier. Even in the single pieces of work, every-day objects are connected by a certain indifference to their function, material or weight and, thanks to the way in which the artist represents them and displays them, form unusual relations in their motionless and artificial cohabitation, »»
VIA PADOVA - Open Neighborhood. 20 projects for via Padova

from 11th of november to 3rd of december 2010
During the academic year 2009-10 students from the forth year were invited to face the issues of Via Padova and its neighborhood and imagine for this reality a new "open" system of spaces, activities, urges, able to lighten and expand the many already existing positive activities of the area. The proposals put forward view this urban reality as a continuously evolving identity, thanks to the creation of a dynamic network of ingenious places of encounter and exchange, different service and communication spaces, unusual selling and exhibition systems, always keeping in mind the historical memory of the neighborhood. »»
Milano Downtown
from 11th of november to 3rd of december 2010
The exhibition illustrates, through a photo reportage and texts and extracts from the book Milano Downtown. Azione pubblica e luoghi dell'abitare by Massimo Bricocoli and Paola Savoldi, (et al./EDIZIONI) , the sites and places explored by the authors: the new large-scale urban development of Santa Giulia, the Pompeo Leoni residential development, the Gratosoglio public housing estate, the dense inner city neighbourhoods of Canonica-Sarpi and via Padova.  »»
from 11th of november to 3rd of december 2010
Presentation of sophmores students' works of Politecnico di Milano – Design Faculty – Interior Design – Theory and Practices Studio Lab - held by Proff. Silvia Piardi and Mattia Ghezzi – coll. Elisa Bernardi, Riccardo Casiraghi, Lucilla Zanolari Bottelli, in 2009-2010.

from 19th to 29th of October 2010
every day from 3 pm to 7 pm
curated by KINGS e Guia Cortassa
KINGS presents KINGS ZINE #1 LIFE, first issue of the new self-made artist's magazine by KINGS: "a journey among contemporary town planning possibilities and utopias, a trip in architecture and culture's cloud cuckoo land, a frame of the metropolitan reality we daily face", with artworks by the artists included in the magazine.
Assab One for 'Via Padova è meglio di Milano'
22nd and 23rd May 2010
Assab One partecipa,  con le due mostre in sede e con alcuni dei progetti realizzati sul territorio dal 2005 al 2010, a Via Padova è meglio di Milano, iniziativa promossa dal Comitato Vivere in Zona 2, che, nei giorni di sabato 22 e domenica 23 maggio 2010, vedrà coinvolte 50 associazioni di quartiere in un week end di eventi aperti alla città, un momento per conoscere le risorse umane, culturali e ambientali che fanno di via Padova la via più internazionale di Milano. »»
Charles Kaisin
Design in Motion

from the 14th of april to the 11th of may 2010
This exhibition will present all the work and research of Charles Kaisin from 1999 to 2009 linked to two themes: motion and recycling. Each subject will be generously presented by explaining the process of conception, the way of developing the objects and their production process.Numerous research models will accompany the work produced. »»
WONDERLAND. New art from London
from the 27th of march to the 23rd of may
Wonderland features works by 14 young London based artists at Milan’s innovative Assab One project space. As the title suggests this show is intended to evoke a magical realm that proclaims a universe of fertile imaginative possibilities. Nowadays wonderment tends to be more narrowly associated with childhood and it has become an increasingly remote experience in our era of relentless advancements in science and technology. Wonderland is characterized by an overall sense of hybridity, where notions of miraculous scale incorporate elements of nature and technology and intriguing scientific principles. »»
Tille Bortolotti
Memory Dispenser

Thursday the 5th of november 2009
ASSAB ONE ha il piacere di ospitare Memory Dispenser,  un progetto di Tille Bortolotti. La performance avrà luogo nella cornice di La Grande Spolveratrice e altre storie, con opere della collezione di Elena Quarestani. »»
Fabio Paleari
Lo que dura un sueño

from the 17th of October until the 13th of November 2009
The life of Madrid is shown from different points of view and lies somewhere between autobiography and reportage, with different levels of intensity and intimacy; the subjects are shown in their own lives with the streets and life of Madrid providing a backdrop full of energy and complexity. »»
Peter Wüthrich
Los Angeles de Madrid

from the 17th of October until the 13th of November 2009
Los Angeles de Madrid è uno slide show prodotto nel 2008 da ASSAB ONE presentato per la prima volta a Madrid su uno schermo gigante posto in cima alla Cuesta de Moyano, nel cuore della città, in occasione de La Noche de los Libros, un’iniziativa della Consejeria de Cultura y Turismo della Comunidad de Madrid. »»
La Grande Spolveratrice e altre storie
from the 19th of September to the 27th of November 2009
Artworks by Marina Abramovic, Bobby Baker, Louise Bourgeois, Sophie Calle, Letizia Cariello, Destiny Deacon, Marta Dell’Angelo, Nathalie du Pasquier, Giuliano Grittini, Mona Hatoum, Roni Horn, Jannis Kounellis, Zilla Leutenegger, Eva Lootz, Urs Luthi, Coralla Maiuri, Amedeo Martegani, Shirin Neshat, Luca Pancrazzi, Marta Maria Perez Bravo, Federico Pietrella, Remo Salvadori, Donatella Spaziani, Annie Sprinkle, Ettore Sottsass, Peter Wuethrich. From the collection of  Elena Quarestani. »»
Autumn Cleaning

until the 2nd of october 2009
Clothes, brand names and vintage, accessories, books, home-wares, toys, sport items, old technology, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, movies on tape and much more. This event is an opportunity to give a new life to things that already carry a history and to explore together a vast range of themes: barter, exchange, recycling, longing, desire, attachment, consumption, hoarding, sustainability and so on.

Claudia Losi
Balena Project Linee annodate/Argille disciolte

from the 13th to the 16th of july 2009
Assab One ospita una tappa di Balena Project: dal 13 al 15 luglio 2009 Claudia Losi terrà un laboratorio a porte chiuse con 130 bambini provenienti da tre centri estivi di Zona 2. Il 16 luglio, dalle 19 alle 21, lo spazio verrà aperto al pubblico. Saranno visibili i manufatti dei bambini e, in anteprima, il video Balena Project_ knotted lines. »»
Marissa Morelli e Max Rommel
Case di cartone

from the 19th of April to the 15th of May 2009
Il 9 ottobre 1963 si stacca dalla costa del monte Toc in Friuli, una frana lunga 3 chilometri, da oltre 270 milioni di metri cubi di rocce e terra. La frana arriva a valle, generando una scossa sismica e riempiendo il bacino artificiale. L’impatto con l’acqua causa due ondate: la prima si schianta contro la montagna, la seconda, scavalca la diga e, precipitando verso la valle, travolge Longarone e altri paesi limitrofi, causando la completa distruzione della città e la morte di quasi 2000 persone. La comunità riprende subito a ricostruire il tessuto sociale distrutto, ma viene deciso di costruire anche alcuni paesi ex novo. Vengono così progettati da zero il comune di Vajont e altri centri più piccoli, come in provincia di Belluno, dove gli abitanti sfollati si insediano. Alcune di quelle famiglie continueranno ad abitare in quelle case prefabbricate, per oltre 40 anni.  »»
Andrea Mastrovito
Enciclopedia dei fiori da giardino

from the 19th to the 30th of April 2009
Assab One hosts the new installation by Andrea Mastrovito, who brings the spaces of the former GEA printing plant back into bloom by utilizing, as raw material, the very products once made by the old machinery still present in this “book factory”. Hundreds of volumes on botany and gardening, cut out and arranged side by side on the floor, create big, light paper flower beds in a clear reference to the cycle of life and creation: nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. »»
Natura morta con autore
every Monday, from the 19th of January to the 23rd of February 2009
Natura morta con autore è uno spazio d’incontro tra gli autori e  il pubblico attraverso tre oggetti che ciascuno degli artisti invitati, provenienti da ambiti differenti (arti visive, letteratura, cinema, teatro, musica), ritiene significativi per la propria ricerca.Il progetto è costituito da una serie di 18 incontri (ognuno della durata di due ore circa), distribuiti su tre sedi: American Academy, Roma; Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna; Assab One, Milano. Ogni incontro è preceduto da una brevissima presentazione del curatore che introduce il quadro, ovvero l’artista e i suoi oggetti. »»
Fabiana de Barros e Michel Favre
Ultra Non Stop
nessun luogo è vuoto

from the 28th of October to the 12th of December 2008
The installation created at Assab One by Fabiana de Barros and Michel Favre continues their common research begun in 2006 in the frame of the “Estudio Abierto” show in Buenos Aires and following the SESC of San Paolo with the realisation of the video installation Move. In both cases, they had worked using closed circuit electric wires and a thermal video camera, sensitive to the heat given off by the resistance the wire gave to the current and the heat of the viewers' bodies. A video monitor played back in real time only the images in which the heat sources were visible: the electric wire and the visitors. The project for Assab One starts off from those experiments and develops them with special reference to the original configuration of the location. »»
Eléna Nemkova
Particelle Alimentari

from the 28th of October to the 12th of December 2008
In mostra ad Assab One diciassette dipinti a olio e spray acrilico indagano il rapporto tra cucina e scienza e interpretano altrettante ricette immaginarie ispirate alla “gastronomia molecolare”, definizione coniata da Hervé This, il chimico francese considerato il guru di chef superstar come Ferran Adrià e Pierre Gagnaire. Ed è proprio Hervé This che, nella videointervista realizzata da Nemkova per accompagnare la mostra, svela la fascinazione di una ricercatezza solo apparentemente fine a se stessa e destinata ai palati sofisticati di rari gourmet, mentre introduce l’idea che queste ricerche possano veramente cambiare le abitudini alimentari, con conseguenze rilevanti dal punto di vista delle caratteristiche nutrizionali dei cibi, dei costi di produzione e del consumo di energia. »»
Wolfgang Weileder
Projects 2002-2008

from the 28th of October to the 12th of December 2008
Weileder si esprime soprattutto con grandi installazioni nello spazio urbano. I suoi lavori più recenti esplorano la relazione tra il tempo e lo spazio, l’interfaccia tra reale e virtuale e si interrogano sulla ridefinizione del rapporto tra architettura e arte negli spazi pubblici. Giovedì 16 ottobre 2008 ha preso il via a Milano, in Piazza Oberdan, la realizzazione della scultura temporanea Le Terme. L’opera svela il Diurno P.ta Venezia (un bagno pubblico sotterraneo degli Anni Venti, abbandonato da oltre un ventennio) con un’operazione di ricostruzione e traslazione dei suoi volumi. La memoria involontaria, che pervade i luoghi e produce immaginarie ricostruzioni di sensazioni passate, viene alimentata dall’intervento artistico. Ad Assab One l’artista presenta, con un video e una fotografia, la serie house projects, iniziata nel 2002. »»
Federico Pietrella
Thirty-one days painting in black

from the 17th of september to the 10th of October 2008
curated by Lorenzo Benedetti
Federico Pietrella presenta un nuovo lavoro per Assab One, un ciclo di dipinti realizzati in un arco di tempo determinato. Si tratta di quindici tele di varie dimensioni realizzate con un procedimento (la stesura del colore e la sua successiva rimozione) e con materiali che ne  impongono il completamento nell’arco di pochissimo tempo e non consentono ripensamenti. Ogni dipinto ha per titolo una data che si riferisce al giorno di esecuzione. L’allestimento non segue un ordine cronologico e riconosce così l’autonomia di ogni dipinto nell’ambito della mostra. Ancora una volta il lavoro di Federico Pietrella rivela la costante attenzione dell’artista ai processi di esecuzione e continua il racconto del suo peculiare rapporto con il tempo. »»
12th of June 2008
curated by Alessandro Castiglioni
ROAMING, based upon an idea by Ermanno Cristini, consist of a series of exhibitions, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, that last only the time of their inauguration: like flashes surviving in the photographer’s finger, then floating in the indistinct dimension of the web. Located in strong and representative spaces, thanks to their physical presence and the importance of their story but also for their symbolic presence, the exhibitions are characterized by their rapidity and the way the space is occupied. On show at Assab One: Cesare Biratoni, Enrica Borghi, Sergio Breviario, Ermanno Cristini, Maria Crosti, Michele Lombardelli, Mme Duplok, Manuela Martines, Microcollection, Giancarlo Norese, Vito Scamarcia, Luca Scarabelli, Elisa Vladilo. »»
Alessandro Mencarelli

from the 2nd to the 30th of April 2008
curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi
con Samuel Fuyumi Namioka
La mostra prende il nome dal film girato in Italia da Andrej Tarkovskij nel 1983 e ha origine da due incontri dell’artista: quello con il grande regista e quello con un suo assistito (Alessandro Mencarelli è un avvocato penalista) che ha evocato, per somiglianza fisica, il ricordo del primo. L’uomo, una volta scagionato, si è prestato a rivivere alcune atmosfere e situazioni dal film Stalker del 1979. Tre grandi fotografie e una serie di 6 foto più piccole rappresentano il personaggio/Tarkovskij in uno scenario che allude ad accadimenti che vengono suggeriti, ma non esplicitati. Accompagnano le fotografie due testi e due video. »»
Two exhibitions:
Giorgio Pandini, Sergio Casoli

from the 18th of January to the 29th of January 2008
curated by Filippo Berta e Stefano Romano
Assab One ospita CUNS. Processo: Equilibrio #1 di Giorgio Pandini (alias Pangio) e Per fortuna le cose migliori sono ancora gratis di Sergio Casoli. Queste due mostre costituiscono il primo evento del progetto CUNS, ideato dagli artisti Stefano Romano e Filippo Berta. CUNS riflette sull’idea di sistema realizzando eventi in cui le figure di artista, curatore, gallerista e collezionista si scambiano tra loro i ruoli in maniera sempre diversa. In occasione del primo evento i due ideatori del progetto si sono posti nel ruolo di curatori chiedendo a un gallerista, Sergio Casoli, e a un collezionista, Giorgio Pandini, di operare come artisti e realizzare un lavoro per gli spazi di Assab One, trasformato per l’occasione da spazio no profit in galleria commerciale. »»
Federico Pepe
Excerpts 2006/2007

from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December 2007
curated by Andrea Lissoni
In mostra alcuni estratti da SINFLEX, un progetto aperto a cui Federico Pepe sta lavorando da tempo. Un’installazione video accompagnata da una creazione sonora di Wang Inc. e composta da due grandi proiezioni che si fronteggiano: un’animazione e un film che documenta una performance dell’artista in compagnia di una moltitudine di sanguisughe. Dodici disegni di grande formato. Due installazioni. Inaugurazione: 21 novembre alle 20.30. Durante l'opening, a partire dalle 22.00: live di WANG INC. »»
Farsi una stamperia & altri strumenti impropri

from the 26th to the 31st of October 2007
In occasione della presentazione del libro di Claude Marzotto Proto tipi. Farsi una stamperia (Stampa Alternativa & Graffiti, 2007), Assab One con il patrocinio di Aiap ospita un evento dedicato al bricolage grafico e tipografico. All’ombra della grande macchina offset Roland Ultra, una catena di montaggio di stamperie di fortuna stamperà il primo campionario tipografico di “proto tipi”. Nei giorni a seguire: un laboratorio per condividere, testare e modificare le tecniche proposte nel libro e una mostra/inventario di proto tipi e strumenti impropri di stampa. »»
Made In

New Works, Plamen Dejanoff
Daniela Kostova

from the 29th of May to the 6th of July 2007
curated by Katia Anguelova
Isola Art Center runs the risk of losing the spaces in which it has operated since 2003, and no suitable alternative space in which to continue its activity has been proposed. Temporary Isola Art Center is hosted by Assab One. For this event Katia Anguelova has invited Daniela Kostova and Plamen Dejanoff – residents of NY, USA and Vienna, Austria respectively. The two artists share a common Bulgarian origin that also acts as a starting point for their projects. »»
Chiara Camoni con Luca Bertolo /
Adele Prosdocimi

from the 29th of May to the 6th of July 2007
curated by Francesca Pasini
Chiara Camoni presenta La Vita degli Animali. Riflessione #01, un’installazione realizzata a quattro mani con Luca Bertolo, composta da due video e un sonoro. Protagonisti dei video sono due animali: un orso e una salamandra. Il lavoro riflette sullo scarto tra la presunta centralità  dell’uomo e lo scorrere della vita, indifferente ad ogni nostra preoccupazione. Questo lavoro è accompagnato dalla prosecuzione dell’opera (di)segnare il tempo. Nella mostra di Adele Prosdocimi e nel libro che l’accompagna, la stratificazione affettiva è la chiave di lettura dei simboli che hanno delineato le fedi e il desiderio di credervi. Tra libro e mostra uno specchio invisibile rimanda l’uno all’altra: le immagini dei suoi lavori e di lei stessa si alternano alle parole di maestri amati, a piante di edifici che rappresentano la storia dell’architettura pubblica e religiosa, ad appunti fotografici, alle sue mani che intagliano. »»
Space control
from the 31st of March
to the 24th of April 2007
What exactly happens when we observe a work of art? In which extent are we influenced by space and in which degree are we able to control it?  What sorts of space do exist, what is it we perceive in the space, and how do we process our perceptions? In the exhibition the perception of space is possible in different manners. First of all, there is the huge exhibition space, which is the aesthetic and optical frame of the artists' installations. These installations, which refer one to another due to their subject matter, conflate to create an unique experience. Second, there is the space in the work of art itself. »»
The world as delight and simulation

from the 23rd of March to the 24th of April 2007
curated by Elio Grazioli
Groups of objects, small samples of big collections, works by contemporary artists that examine how the acts of recognizing, acquiring and arranging things are already, in themselves, creative gestures, necessary and complementary to artistic production. Collecting as a forma mentis, a particular attitude of coexisting with objects that takes the form of gathering, caring for and conscious use of all that nourishes individual imagination. An eccentric collection of collections dwells for one month in the spaces of Assab One, a temporary, never completed Wunderkammer, in a constant state of becoming, open to new contributions throughout the duration of the show. »»
3500 cm² ad Assab One
from the 10th of October to 10th November 2006
curated by Lorenzo Benedetti
3500 cm² (3500 represent the amount of square centimetres available for an artist to display a work of 50x70, in order to communicate the language of contemporary art. Elena Quarestani invites Lorenzo Benedetti to display his project, and, for the first time all together, the works created by 46 artists and shown over the same number of evenings at the Blueroom at Rialtosantambrogio (Roma). During the opening: the distribution of a work created  for the occasion by Dafne Boggeri, with a sound performance by_merlettoaureo_.To follow: Release (sonoro), an item by Emanuele Becheri. »»
Chiara Camoni

from the 7th of June to the 14th of July 2006
curated by Claire Burrus
This exhibition shows the book containing reproductions of one hundred drawings of stars. These drawings were made by the artist’s grandmother in 2006, and they show a deep relationship of mutual care. Other works complement these original drawings: pictures of the Organic series, the video Mefite, produced with Salvatore Esposito, and the installation Reliquiari. They speak of time and transformation, central themes in Chiara Camoni’s work. »»
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Quadri a motore

from the 12th of April to the 4th of May 2006
curated by Francesco Poli
The exhibition tells  the story of the evolution of Nathalie Du Pasquier’s work in the last three years. It consists of a series of paintings in which the artist placed colorful geometrical shapes, that look like solids made of wood, between the usual subjects of her still lifes. This choice highlights a need to abstract objects from their practical identity in order to place them in context of purely compositive relations. »»
Federico Pietrella
Assab One - da lunedì 27 marzo a lunedì 3 aprile 2006

from the 27th of March to the 3rd of April 2006
curated by Elio Grazioli
The space is inhabited by a series of projectors; as the day turns into night another light is revealed, the light that filters through punctured slides. At night this creates the scenographic effct of a planetarium, drawing a “casual” constellation. An unexpected yet somehow familiar environment that welcomes visitors twenty-four hours a day. »»
Peter Wuethrich
Angeli di Cimiano

from the 26th of October to the 16th of December 2005
Peter Wuethrich spent time in Cimiano, an area of Milano, working with local kids in order to create an artwork. With an open book on their shoulderblades that acts as a pair of wings, boys and girls are transformed into angels: messengers, guides, winged protectors. »»
Antoni Malinowski
Campo Neutro #04
Bridging Lines Milan
Un wall drawing e una performance

from the 8th to the 21st of October 2005
The “Bridging Lines” project was initially presented in Venice in 2004 during the 9th edition of the Biennale di Architettura. This work analyzes the relationship between space and light, combining various disciplines such as dance and music with the technical art of wall drawing. The lines Antoni Malinowski draws on the walls are then translated again into dance. »»
Coralla Maiuri - Nicola Troilo
Il fucile è nell'aria / aprile-maggio 2005

from the 6th to the 17th of June 2005
curated by Bettina Della Casa
Coralla Maturi presents “Il fucile è nell’aria”: an enclosed space, painted yellow and full of floating pollen houses three enigmatic sculptures in polystyrene. Remote sounds in the background give the sensation of being immerged in an unreal forest. Nicola Trollo presents the painting “aprile – maggio 2005”, in which the recurrent elementi is a stylized human figure, constructed by the contrast between ink-blue and purple-blue colours. »»
Tsu-nò-MI – A rough guide to Milan
from the 12th to the 14th of May 2005
Milanoland and the new milanesian told by Giovanni Robertini and Riccardo Mazzon, illustrated by GGT and Tatiana. Tsu-nò-MI is a book about Milan, its places and its symbols; an observation point in which the written word and image live together in order to look at the city. The exhibition shows plates and stories from the book; La Novanta, a video by GGT and an installation with Unz, 2501, Recipient.CC and Mercoledì Trio. »»
Edizione Straordinaria
Le case d’arte 1985-2005

From the 20th of February to the 11th of March 2005
Elena Quarestani invites Pasquale Leccese. Assab One hosts the Milan gallery Le Case d’Arte, on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. Pasquale Leccese exhibits the most intimate paths of his artistic activity, and his development together with other Italian and foreign artists he has worked with and who have exhibited in his gallery. »»
Luca Vitone
Campo Neutro #03
I only have eyes for you

From the 8th of October to the 20th of November 2004
Inside a very large room, within the exposition space, Luca Vitone built a small wooden room, slightly risen from the floor; an artificial natural space in which the ceiling is grass and the floor is sky. A sculpture, an installation and a performance, the performance being an individual yoga class with a yoga teacher. »»
Polvere d'arte
From the 8th to the 23rd of July 2004
curated by Elio Grazioli
Dust (polvere) as an artistic theme was found in the past within crucial historical moments and various art movements; it reappears widely in the works of numerous artists today. The exhibition was created following a book by Elio Grazioli (La polvere nell’arte, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2004) and introduces a selection of contemporary artists who were asked to work with this theme. »»
Campo Neutro #02
Dafne Boggeri, Marcella Vanzo

24th of May 2004
curated by Roberto Pinto
Projection of video by Marcella Vanzo and presentation of the work of Dafne Boggeri, which have received respectively the prize awarded by ACACIA, and the scholarship awarded by the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Comune di Milano Settore Sport e Giovani and Centre Culturel Français de Milan, as part of the exhibition Assab One 2004. »»
Assab One 2004
La nuova generazione artistica in Italia

from the 13th to the 30th of May 2004
curated by Roberto Pinto
The second edition of the exhibition that inaugurated Assab One in 2002. Twenty-three young artists, all born after 1970 were invited to show their works, engaging in a dialogue with the place: an industrial estate in a process of transformation. The result is an articulated journey, full of surprises, which includes video, painting and installations. »»
Campo Neutro #01
Performance, progetti, installazioni

from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2004
curated by Roberto Pinto
A physical and metaphorical space in which to experiment, where artists are invited to exhibit new projects as well as others already  shown elsewhere, (but not in Milan). Campo Neutro is a flexible container, as opposed to a traditional exhibition: it may last an hour, a day or a month, depending on the requirements of the artists and their works. »»
Stefano Benzoni, Massimo Coppola, Bruno Pappalettera
Musica per divano preparato

29th of May 2004
In 1951  John  Cage  composed the “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano”: the preparation  consisted of a series of metal objects of daily use placed on the strings of a piano. Fifty years later a couch (divano) is “prepared” by placing inside it various objects such as a set of eight microphones, a guitar and a bass. »»
Luca Gemma, Luca Pancrazzi, Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato
Polvere contemporanea (CMYK)
Quartetto per tecnologia obsoleta e fuori registro

14th of May 2002
The last movement of the printer “Roland Ultra”, a machine built in 1968, prints a poster designed by Luca Pancrazzi. The poster is then distributed to the audience. Musicians accompany the movements of the machine, elaborating the sounds produced by the workers adjusting the color regulators. »»
Assab One
La generazione emergente dell'arte in Italia

from the 2nd to the 24th of May 2002
curated by Roberto Pinto e Laura Garbarino
Twenty-three young artists bring their works into a recently closed industrial estate. Each of them was invited to create a new work of art inside this space, which allows for a great diversity of creations and techniques: from the most traditional ones, such as painting and sculpture, to installations, video recordings and performances. »»