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First floor
This is the more “domestic” space, with major features of visual and spatial continuity, the easiest in the complex. It has many continuous walls that are functional for the exhibition of bidimensional artworks, but it can even house sculptures and installations. It has big windows and a very good exposure, during the daytime it is also an ideal location for activities that are in need of natural light such as photography sessions, theatre rehearsals, temporary show rooms etc. In the evenings, when the big windows filter the city lights from outside, the space reveals itself as suitable for meetings, performances and concerts that are destined to a limited number of invitations, thanks to its good acoustics.
Features: access both from the courtyard and from the entrance in via Assab.  Large windows: direct light (from north, south, east, west). Walls: pail beige. Pavement: terracotta tiles.
Equipment: three bathrooms, freight elevator, 24-hour wireless internet connection, running water and electricity.