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Ground floor
This is the part of the building that is most characterized by its industrial past, because of its structure and thanks to the presence of the printing machine that is situated in the middle of a vast room. The spaces are full of a very definite personality: organized on four sides, they can create a long and articulated pathway or you can select smaller modules. Various accesses with varied dimensions allow both the separate use of the spaces and the introduction of large machinery and installations. The presence of a covered courtyard and the direct access to the road make all the setting operations easier and make it the most adequate space for events that anticipate a large flow of people.
Features: direct access to the road, with loading and unloading facilities, and a large covered yard. There is a second access (only for people) from via Benadir. Pavement: cement. Walls: some white, some raw. Direct natural light from east and south, from the windows that look onto the road.
Equipment: two bathrooms, fork lift, freight elevator, 24-hour wireless internet connection, running water and electricity.