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Excerpts from the Articles of Association
Art. 1
A social promotion association has been established, called “Assab One per le arti contemporanee”, that could be called  “Assab One”, for short.

Art. 2
The association is based in Milan, in Via Assab, 1. The changing of the location, and, as a consequence the statutory alteration, can be determined, on the basis of the association’s special needs, by the Board of Directors that can in this way establish elsewhere, in the national territory or abroad, other operative locations.

Art. 3
The duration of the association is unlimited. The association is non-profit, it pursues socially helpful ideals and is based on democratic and fair principles.

Art. 4
The rules, that have been determined by the Board of Directors, can regulate, respecting the Statute, the other aspects that are relevant to the organization and the activities that are not present in the actual statute.

Art. 5
1. The statute binds the associates of the association to its observance.
2. The statute constitutes the fundamental behaviour rule of the association itself.

Art. 6
The association is non-profit and has the aim of promoting  modern and contemporary art in every expressive and productive form in order to spread more easily knowledge,  visibility and access to its specific languages.

These aims can be pursued with the following activities:

1) the production of exhibitions, events and individual or collective artistic projects   

2) the publication of books, catalogues and periodic magazines

3) the creation and maintenance of web sites and/or portals on internet, the production of television or radio programmes.

4) the organization of conferences, debates and seminars

5) the organization and maintenance of exhibiting spaces and meeting places

6) didactic and instructive activities

7) the development of exchanges and collaborations with other Italian or foreign institutes that have the same objectives or complementary activities.

8) the institution of prizes and scholarships to help young artists with their studies or with the market

9) research and archive activities

10) the aquisition (via purchase or donation) and maintenance of artworks, archives and libraries

11) contacts and collaborations with public institutions, museums, universities and fairs on the national territory or abroad

12) diffusion and information about the activity with every appropriate method

To pursue these results the association may organize accessory, instrumental and connected activities, and all the movable or immovable operations that are thought necessary for the accomplishment of the social purposes above.